The Master of International Business Studies program at the FAU is particularly effective at combining the study of culture and business. Cross-cultural teamwork been a central topic for me during my studies in and out of the lecture hall. With my fellow students from over 20 different countries, I reveled at the opportunity to learn first-hand about their respective cultures and countries. This program offers numerous core courses and flexibility through fair accreditation of courses taken abroad. I was especially happy to have the opportunity to study in Switzerland and to be able to accredit a language course. I believe the Master of International Business Studies program does a great job preparing students for PhD work or for a career in an international environment.
Roderick McIntosh from the United Kingdom

I consider the MIBS program as one of the very unique business masters programs in Germany. One of its greatest advantages is an amazing mix of experienced, intelligent and communicative students from all over the world. Besides, the program offers some very interesting and insightful courses in business, political science and sociology, that will certainly improve the critical and analytical thinking of any student. Finally, I strongly believe that both FAU and MIBS are names with strong reputation in the professional and academic environments of Germany, which is would serve as an advantage after successful completion of the degree.
Jakhongir Kamolov from Uzbekistan

The Master in International Business Studies at FAU provided me with the opportunity to study alongside a culturally rich and diverse group of students. It deepened my knowledge in strategy, finance, sustainability and management while also containing elective modules where I could select other areas in which I would like to advance in, such as supply chain management, corporate social responsibility, German language and many others. In addition to this great program, FAU is at the heart of Nuremberg, a region with opportunities in various segments of the German industry. During my studies, I had the pleasure of taking a working student position in strategy at Siemens, where I continued as a Business Development Professional after graduating from MIBS.
Betania Barra Lucchesi from Brazil